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This is the single most important imperative for every marketing operations team: to fight against data fragmentation and find ways to unite the whole marketing stack at the data layer.

The traditional way to do that was to extract, transform, and load (ETL) everything into a marketing data warehouse. And that still works for lots of use cases.

But data warehouses were invented way before things like cloud apps and social media feeds. So instead of being optimized for the kinds of data that marketers deal with every day (high-volume, un-structured, multi-sourced), they’re optimized for fewer sources of data that are pretty well-structured.

Because of this, marketing operations teams often find warehouses expensive, hard to work with, and a nightmare to change (to add new data sources, for instance).

Just when we thought we’d escaped the clutches of IT, the data warehouse forced us back into the IT queue to do even simple things like run new reports. And skyrocketing data volumes cause costs to skyrocket too.

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