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  1. Entrepreneurs

    Starting a company is hard, so you're going to need a lot of advice along the way. There are many entrepreneurs, investors and bloggers who churn out business advice daily, but it's a pain figuring out which sites are worth reading. We've compiled a list of our favorite sources of small business and tech news for entrepreneurs. More details Animated Health Insurance Video
  2. Transportation in a Box Solution

    The Transportation in a Box solution is based on a previous IT path-to-product connected transportation solution, which involved a comprehensive development process that began from ideation and prototyping, through productization. Taking advantage of that prior work, which was demonstrated at Intel® Developer Forum 2017, the Transportation in a Box solution demonstrates how path-to-product solutions can provide a point of departure that streamlines the development of IT solutions. To read the full IoT Path-to-Product Transportation Case Study For blog Connectivity Solutions Video
  3. Hello, Due to high risks, forex trading is often compared with gambling. Is it right? I think its not right. Trading is completely different from gambling if you are incorporating the right strategy after doing a proper analysis of market.Oh good lord, here we go again.....hahahahaRegular as clockwork, another gambling thread bubbles & splutters to the top of the pot.It's ok, there's no stigma involved in accepting & embracing what it is you're actually involved in. Quit fretting, chill out & enjoy a punt on the stock & currency markets.You're not going to get arrested or ridiculed for placing bets on your favorite instrument.Man up, stop stressing about irrelevant nonsense & just get on with it.The sun will still rise tomorrow morning! thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. http://forums.babypips.com/risk-management-and-trading-plan/72710-how-forex-trading-different-gambling.html Professional Web based software video
  4. Foreign Exchange Rates

    Hello, There is no trade that can take place without the presence of forex, the conversion of one country’s currency into another. Whether it is for import and export, travel, or purely for trading, foreign exchange is a necessity. In today’s world, people frequent foreign countries either for work purpose or leisure. Availing foreign exchange abroad may not be an easy task. Searching for the right place to get a currency exchange can be a hurdle. Thomas Cook makes it easy for you to exchange foreign currency through its online mode. So wherever in the world you are, no longer do you have to depend upon any other source of foreign exchange. Simply log on to the Thomas Cook website and fill in the required details. Whether you wish to purchase or sell foreign exchange, you can perform any transaction at your own convenience. You also save yourself from exchanging your money at unreliable sources and inflated prices. Thomas Cook website offers various exchange rates so that you can decide the amount and the day of dealing in foreign exchange. You will receive the best rate of online exchange with Thomas Cook. You can select from multiple choices of payment. With doorstep delivery as well as branch pick up options, it is in fact a luxury to buy or sell forex with Thomas Cook. So the next time you are searching for foreign exchange options, you know exactly where to go! Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. http://www.thomascook.in/tcportal/Foreign-Exchange?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GGAD_Forex_Search_Other_Core_BMM&utm_term=%2Bcurrency %2Bexchange&utm_matchtype=b&utm_placement=&gclid=CjwKEAjwh9PGBRCfso2n3ODgvUcSJAAhpW5o_HO2k-CY5NOqzyeGEQ6asaV7baX_p7N7lL6eBAiiiBoCST_w_wcB Professional IT Monitoring software video
  5. Currency Exchange

    Hello, Would it be more efficient (and economical) to change currency here in the US or wait until I get to Berlin to exchange currency? I think the exchange rate fluctuates and depends on where you get it, right?The best way is to simply put your ATM/debit card into the next ATM you see on arrival and withdraw enough for a few days petty cash. Exchanging cash is always more expensive and takes more time.I actually exchanged my money in the U.S. as well before going, but that may not be the norm that most do. You could just take your ATM Card and exchange when you get there. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowTopic-g187323-i135-k8023856-Currency_Exchange-Berlin.html Professional Recruitment management video
  6. Currency exchange and Indian rupees

    Hello, Should I exchange currency and get rupees before arriving in India (Hyderabad), withdraw cash at ATM at International Airport in Hyderabad or is there a better option for western tourist for a 1 week stay and first visit to India. I have just found some information which states that the import of Indian currency by foreigners is prohibited so that answers part of my question. Where should I go to exchange money - bearing in mind that I am a first time visitor to India and do not know my way around? Should I just exchange at the hotel as a safe option? What is the best denomination of currency to have - for shopping, tipping etc? Any amount of INR that I should avoid as its value is too hard to change? Thanks for any assistance.There are plenty of ATMs where you can withdraw cash but you should check beforehand that what are the charges levied by your bank for each withdrawal. You can get rupees before arriving India also but I think you will get far better prices with the money exchangers in the city (in your case Hyderabad). The money exchangers at the airport will also be expensive!! Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowTopic-g297586-i7761-k6045418-Currency_exchange_and_Indian_rupees-Hyderabad_Telangana.html Professional Staffing software video
  7. Divergence Pip Range Trading

    Hi all,My first foray into posting a new topic. I've been using piprange charts for 7 years and via the contributions of @Rockypoint using the Ichimoku indicator, I've been able to combine my use of divergence and Ichimoku.I thought I'd share some examples and try and generate some discussion on the much neglected method of using pip range charts. To me they provide a much clearer picture of the market and provide a different perspective on charting. I am very much a technical trader and firm believer that patterns repeat themselves. Hopefully this will be evidenced by examples posted.A few things to note: I will not be posting EAs, indicators etc. There are dozens of EAs designed for MT4 to construct offline charts to create pip range charts. I am not interested in an EA being developed, I much prefer manual trading. Please take the effort of researching an answer before asking a question, should you not find it, feel free to ask. I use a 5 pip range chart, I avoid any CHF pairs and JPY pairs for the simple reason I do not want to be in a trade when they manipulate the market. What the SNB did with the Franc and the Euro was absolutely ridiculous. My main pairs are GBPAUD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURAUD. I am a firm believer in mastering a few pairs rather than trying to trade too many pairs. I do not trade positively correlated pairs at the same time....to do so is to simply double your risk on the same outcome. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=607837 professional Website Video Cost
  8. Trading Made Simple

    Hello, Is that possible? Yes.Years ago when I retired I was looking for something to do. I attended a free local presentation about trading FX. My mind said "We can do that and make money too... from the recliner"... so the torture began as happens to all newbies...I bought one sure fire program for $2,300... saving $1,700 off the normal $4,000 price. Man... I'm on my way I thought. It was so difficult to understand and trade that I never made a dime... in fact I lost most of the time. When I called the companyit was all Greek to me... I thought a lot of good that 19 years of education is doing.I said this is BS and went on to other systems. I switched to Demo trading for several years while studying old charts. What made them tick? Every method had quite a few rules, indicators...on & on.I finally got fed up with them all... remembering the thoughts years before of "I can do this". Then why was I getting my butt kicked on a regular basis... so frustrating. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=291622 professional 2D Explainer Cost
  9. Dear Reader,The following message concerns an online questionnaire regarding stock trading, with the possibility to win several Apple Ipod Touch 32GB.My name is David Lowijs and I am currently a Master’s student at the University Maastricht. The following questionnaire is part of my final Master thesis and will deal with individual trading behavior over time. The purpose of the study is to investigate if and how individual investors learn from own trading experiences. The results can give greater insight into this under-investigated area and in term can lead to providing better advice on forums like these for individual investors like yourself. Since every response counts I would be grateful if you could take the time (~15-20min) to fill in this questionnaire. In case you want to take part in the lottery for an Apple Ipod Touch 32GB, please mention your e-mail address at the end of the questionnaire. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. http://www.traderslog.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17469 professional Video Commercial Pricing
  10. Examples of product demo videos

    Businesses have been producing videos from ages, we know them as Ads. In past 5 years businesses have invested in marketing themselves online and at the top of the pyramid video marketing is proving to have a huge impact. Product demo videos are used to showcase the key info about the product and its benefits. ollowing are the major types of Product Videos: Product Demo Videos Product Overview Videos Product Teaser Videos FIMAP PRODUCT VIDEO Fimap is an international leader in the production of professional scrubbing machines, sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners,Fimap ride-on scrubbing machines guarantee excellent cleaning performances on medium to large surfaces The animated video focuses on the working and the compact design of the scrubbing machine. RESULTICKS PRODUCT VIDEO Resulticks is a true Omnichannel marketing automation platform, created by marketers for marketers. With unstructured and structured data behaviour based targeting for marketing campaigns is now possible. The product demo video shows how the platform connects data to drive results using automation. For more you can check Examples of product demo videos
  11. Animated video explainers

    Animated Explainer Video is the art of using Motion Graphics / Animation to depict or communicate a message. Companies from B2B and B2C segment both are using animated explainer videos to create awareness, drive engagement and influence buyer decision. Animated Explainers may not be cartoony , its not kid stuff. We all have viewed these videos as an audience somewhere or the other, but if you are planning on creating an Explainer Video now this article serves as a good base to highlight examples and suggestions. Creating a video using animation is a great start. Within this there are a lot of varied outputs that your final video can have. Tips for creating these video are available as Bonus at the end of the article. TRAQTION OVERVIEW VIDEO With TraQtion, you can track quality and compliance from the macro to minutiae, anticipate problems and take corrective measures, wherever you are. Working in the cloud, you and your suppliers can access the system anytime, anywhere, so you are always in the loop. TraQtion created this animated explainer video to convey how seamless Quality and Compliance can be. A neatly done video overall. ONLIFE HEALTH INTRO VIDEO] With a track record of proven results, Onlife Health can help your members stay healthy with our wellness solutions. Onlife Health is a comprehensive wellness solutions company. Providing you insights as well as proven success to engage your members, create a culture of health, and a seamless wellness solution. The professional explainer video is compact and covers many areas of corporate wellness program in 60 seconds. For more you can check Animated video explainers
  12. Hello, I am doing my first MLM ... the Company, the products, the compensation plan ... all of this project are very very good.I am doing this for 6 months, and they never disappointed me. My problem is that i think i do not represent them very good, considering that all the project. What should i do ??? I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with you. You can check Marketing Explainer Video one of my work
  13. Hello, Usually in our institute, the teachers have a dinner then watch the broadcast later on in the night. Currently our stake centre's AV room is being renovated and we cannot record the satellite broadcast using the equipment (it isn't there anyways). My question is: will the broadcast be available online immediately following the end of the broadcast? I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firmsYou can check Healthcare system Video one of my work
  14. Hello guys, I am a web developer. Recentaly a customer assigned me for Multi-level marketing application. This is a new experience for me. I am using VS 2005 as a development tool and Sql express 2005 as a database. programming language is C#. guide me step by step procider. I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firmsYou can check Apple Mobile App Video one of my work
  15. Hi I've set up several colleagues with PWA and the desktop client have have notice something puzzling. Everyone with the exception of one individual cannot see the external tasks from other projects in the team planner on his work PC. The only information that showed up was the non-working time and the tasks for that project. I told him to install PWA and the client on his home PC and he was then able to see the external project tasks in team planner. I am wondering if there is a possibility that this could be something related to this individuals work PC, perhaps a Microsoft update or .NET update. He has everything installed as 32bit (office 365 is up to date). Other than reformatting his PC and starting again to see if this fixes the issue and I have no other idea of what to do. Wondering if anybody else has come across this problem? I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firmsYou can check Website explainer video one of my work