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  1. =============================================== The Revolutionary Zero the Digital Asset the Exchange Fee's Website ✦ Facebook ✦ Twitter ✦ Instagram ✦ LinkedIn ✦ Telegram ✦ the YouTube ================================= = ====================== - Biido Token Sale (IEO) Biido (BION) will be launching ProBit Exchange ! ( Official IEO Announcement ) IEO the Duration ⯈ May 27, 2019 (Monday), 12:00 KST to 28 May 2019 (on Tuesday), 11:59 KST ⯈ Price BION of the will of the BE priced the AT $ 0.0016 / BION. ⯈ Bonuses ➞ Buy BION using PROB, Get 25% Bonus ➞ Buy BION using USDT, BTC, ETH, and XRP, Get 20% Bonus __________________________________________________________________________ - What is BION Coin? BION is a platform token of the ethereum blockchain. - Biido Mobile the the Application for for We are of of currently Developing a super advanced & user-friendly mobile iOS and the app for the the All All Android - Bion Special the the Feature . Premium Feature . Biido will implement premium feature such as Arbit Tools, Portfolio Analysis. . Reward Mechanism . BION will be used as a reward & incentive in certain features such as Biido Growth Engines & Crypto Trade Feature. . Community Voting . CAN vote for Users Offline Their favorite coins for listing onBiido Exchange with thehelp of BION. . Discount Fee . Using BION as fuel, users can enjoy Biolog's full services with discounted price. - Fund Allocation - The Road So Far - Our Executive Team Aditia K Mokoginta Founder (CEO) Rahadian Pena Persada Co-Founder (Finance) Purwanto Co-Founder (Technology) Muhammad A Wibowo Co-Founder (Technology) Hendra Nugraha Brand & Marketing Gilang Bhagaskara Blockchain Technology Fuddy Heruzady Business & Development Kemas Vendia Business & Development . - Our Advisors Roger Lim Founding Partner of Neo Global Capital Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo Founder of Agung Rihayanto COO of Indonesia Futures Clearing Luke Jones CEO and Co-Founder at Fortifex Davy Makimian CEO Alternative Media Group Calvin Kizana CEO Picmix & Playday Dudun Anugerah Wadi COO Krystelle Galano ICO Marketing Expert Note: While we are a team of legal advisors, we're apologize tothe advisory pic. You can authenticate us through many mainstream media including Forbes Indonesia . Of of The the the On top of That, Probit has Officially Announced Biido token sale on the the ITS launchpad the the the which is a clear indication of OurLegitimacy as with the with the with the Probit is one's's's of the the the the prestigious global Exchanges That boasts order matching speed of over 1.5 the Million "orders"of themillions of dollars.
  2. Binance is loading tons of money from IEO shit.
  3. DISCLAIMER : I AM NOT THE PART OF THE TEAM, I AM JUST PUBLISHING THREAD. WEBSITE | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | MEDIUM | REDDIT | FORUM ================================================== ====== _____________________________________________________________ One Share A New Bussiness Model For ICOs, A Ownership Crypto Asset To Share It Success _____________________________________________________________ ===================== =========== ======================== EXPLAINER VIDEO FEATURES TOKEN SALE FUND & TOKEN DISTRIBUTION ROADMAP FOUNDERS João Almeida Founder and CEO Deniz Yildiz Co-Founder and CFO
  4. _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ ⚡ LECTRO ⚡ Blockchain For Power __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | REDDIT | DISCORD | WHITEPAPER ⚡ WHY THE WORLD NEEDS LECTRO ⚡ ⚡ WHAT IS LECTRO ⚡ Lectro is a revolutionary energy technology services group utilizing blockchain to improve how electricity providers and consumers conduct business. The Lectro project is a major first step toward creating a modern power grid that's smarter, safer and more efficient than ever before. The project is global - Lectro has the potential to impact people all around the world in a positive and meaningful way. ⚡ HOW WILL IT WORK? ⚡ Lectro is developing blockchain software to interconnect electric companies, consumers, microgrids and other components in a unified network. We are uniquely positioned to bring together many aspects of the electrical energy market - production, technology, transactional systems and more - to create an efficient synergy not achieve before. Our platform will enable users to buy and sell their electricity with no intermediaries in their transaction.[/b][/td] ⚡ HOW YOU CAN HELP ⚡ Lectro will conduct a special early supporter campaign in August that will enable first participants to receive benefits never to be offered again. Your help will enable us to complete Phase 1 of the four-part Lectro strategy and assist very deserving, but disadvantaged people along the way. A limited-edition, engraved Lectro coin is yours with a min- imum contribution. ⚡ OUR VISION ⚡ Lectro's vision begins with a blockchain solution for the electrical power industry and continues until every community in the world has access to a stable industry. We believe a decentralized, smart and secure network connecting electricity producers, power grids and devices that run on them will be good for everyone.[ ⚡ THE LECTRO COMMUNITY ⚡ ⚡ SPECIAL OFFER FOR EARLY SUPPORTERS ⚡ ⚡ METHOD OF CONTRIBUTION ⚡ ⚡ ROADMAP ⚡ ⚡ BOUNTY ⚡ ⚡ TEAM ⚡
  5. _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ CATHOLIC COIN Decentralized Charity & Non-Profit Platform ICO IS LIVE NOW - 10% BONUS Catholic Coin Bounty __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | INSTAGRAM |YOUTUBE | EMAIL | WHITEPAPER | ONE PAGER What is Catholic Coin CATHOLICCOINS is an ethereum decentralized cryptocurrency that fosters charitable donations globally. Mainly for Catholic investors, it is created to help willing donors find reputable orphanages and foster homes for the elderly, eliminate setbacks, track and vet how their donations are spent. Catholiccoins is a crypto-based charity coin that creates campaigns and lets the global Catholic community to actively participate in donating funds for orphans and senior citizens in homes of the elderly. How it Works? Means of Transparency How CTC Works? Competitive Advantages CTC Collection Process Catholic Coin Wallet Token Summary Token Sale Bonus ICO Partner Roadmap Community FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | INSTAGRAM |YOUTUBE | BITCOINTALK | EMAIL