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  1. The prominence of ICOs has opened a new window for scammers to extort money from people. Having observed the prevailing trend, we have come up with some helpful tips to help you avoid scams. Most of the identified scams are built around email address counterfeiting, website closing and substitution of ETH contribution address. All of these scams and fraudulent activities are closely identified by us in this article. To avoid losing money to the scams requires you to adhere to our recommendations. We know just what to do to beat the scammers, and we are arming you with the best practices. You can put these guidelines to use in all other ICOs of your interest. 1. Every ICO and pre-sale has a contribution address, and this will be available ONLY on the Boliecoins website( 2. Once you follow the link, you will be able to register with your email and personal details. Then, you can buy your boliecoins with ease 3. Know that there is no other link you should use apart from the one on the token sale page as shown above. 6. You must disregard any address received from any other source, and do not forward any ETH to that address. Tips that Beat the Scams 1. On your browser, it is recommended that you bookmark the boliecoins website 2. Visit boliecoins by using the bookmark always 3. This step will help avoid mistyping our URL, and you won’t end up in a cloned website that provides a fraudulent contribution address 4. On our medium page, you can also see the link to our homepage under every post 5. We advise that you complete the bookmark now so that you don’t end up on the cloned website. Sometimes, on Google Search, there will be cloned websites showing in the search results. 6. Make sure that you don’t just arrive on a URL, always be sure to check, and use bookmarks. Social Media posts 1. Our token sale address is not posted on social media or on community pages. Do not believe what anyone says just because they claim to be a boliecoin team member. 2. Some scammers claim to be team members on Telegram and other channels to deceive others. We are vigilant on all official channels to spot scammers and stop them in their tracks. 3. Just make sure you do not use any contribution address that you receive via PMs or emails. Any address like that is fake and must be disregarded. 4. To avoid swallowing the scammers’ bait does not require so much from you. You just need to follow the simple guidelines we have provided here The boliecoins token sale is currently on and you can buy your boliecoin for $0.50. Now is the time to make a wise investment. Go ahead and buy your tokens here: Last Words Just make sure you double-check emails and URLs as we have specified above. We look forward to seeing you participate in our token pre-sale and ICO. We wish you a fraud-free investing experience in your future endeavors. Website : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Reddit : Tumblr: Telegram : Quora : ANN thread : Youtube :
  2. The Boliecoins ICO is on and the marketing efforts are at full steam at the moment. Some people might wonder if marketing an ICO is easy or hard to do. Sometimes, it can be either of both. It is not just ‘knowing what to do’ that is needed to successfully complete a task, but the best way to do it perfectly. For example, students believe hard work is the way to pass exams, yet some hardworking students are found failing. Therefore, it is good to be thoroughly equipped with how best to do a thing to attain maximum excellence. This is the aim of this article, i.e. to educate you on how best to engage and market your ICOs for maximum fundraising. Follow the paragraphs below to get a good grasp of how to make your own ICO exceptional and enjoy fast sales. There are three major ingredients that I would be listing here. These include the following: 1.Quality of Your Product or Service This is the first thing to put in place before anything. You should already have defined what exactly you want to offer, how you want to do it and the terms involved. No lady runs off with a boy without big dreams and ambitions, just to say. Painfully, many people start up a business just to make money. Making money is an essential reason to start a business but, it should first be about the services being offered. Many people who lose sight of this usually end up not maturing their company. The truth is that, it is very easy to spot people who have such mindset because their business model doesn’t breed confidence in investors. Because they are all about the money, they don’t take time to map out a quality plan. Impatience is the word for it. Therefore, if you want to win the heart of the public, you should be patient enough to design a quality business model and strategy. This is what will set you on a pedestal to have the most blooming business ever. 2.A Team of Qualified Professionals You definitely need this! It is impossible for you to successfully create an ICO without having professionals. Professionals would give advice on the best way to go about a challenge, and would also oversee the implementation of the solution. Furthermore, a proper ICO needs many things to be fixed in place. For example, all that is needed for the successful running of a sugar producing company is more than sugar. Engineers, Economists, Food Science and Technologists, Architects, etc, must all be actively involved. It is important to note that the professionals do not have to be blockchain-knowledgeable, although it is important in some aspects of the project. In choosing professionals, experience and efficiency is king. You wouldn’t want to hire a blockchain geek with little or no ideas for the successful implementation of your ICO. 3.Marketing Strategy It does not matter how good your business model is. If you don’t have an effective market plan, you most likely will end on the dark end of the market. Here, I suggest you use the services of a professional marketer. Notwithstanding, some things normally can give you an upper hand in the market. One of such expedient things is your whitepaper. Your whitepaper is what potential investors would most likely look out for. The standard usually is two white papers. Here, get a professional content writer with a profound knowledge of economics, marketing and business administration. You would also need the services of social media marketing. This is important because the fastest way to reach the world is through social media. Interestingly, majority of the world population use social media. You would be able to reach more that way. Furthermore, you could give some incentives in form of airdrops, and exchange them for social media popularity. Nothing is actually difficult if you have the right information on how to go about it. Follow these simple steps to make your ICO enjoy fast and widespread sales. The ICO price of Boliecoin is $0.50 and you can use this link to participate:
  3. Why Companies Need an ICO

    There are many promising startups – big and small – that aim to offer remarkable services to the general public. Guess what their challenge is? It is “money, support, trust, etc.” Many of them are faced with the problem of how to raise money. Some others are faced with the problem of support from the public. For some others, it is the problem of trust. These and more issues could hamper such startups from coming to limelight. The reasons why startups, though promising, may face such issues are not far-fetched. Many people have feigned such promises and ended up as scams. So, the public is very careful and reluctant to fully participate in new organizational activities. The use of angel investors, bank loans and other methods of fund raising may not be easy and feasible as they were. However, ICO is a way to raise money and still earn the trust and support of the public. For an important and global business as video gaming, the Boliecoins team considered an all-inclusive process that started from a pre-sale and now, the ICO. What is an ICO? ICO is the acronym for Initial Coin Offering. It is a method of fundraising that involves a company selling out their tokens at discounted prices in exchange for fiat, Ethereum or Bitcoin. This method is been trending since 2017 and there are reasons for this. Hence, we would discuss some of the reasons why companies should engage in ICO as a means of raising funds. Some of these reasons are listed below. Why should Companies Raise Funds through ICO? i. It is an easier way to raise funds. Suppose you walk up to a bank or other financial institutions, the large procedural setups may discourage you. Documents, bank statements, collaterals may be required to obtain funds from them. In fact, no matter how promising a business model may be, many may still be reluctant to provide financial support. Nevertheless, With an ICO, you could engage them and earn their trust to a reasonable extent. ii. By using ICOs, you would not only be able to raise money, you would also be able to build a community. This is because ICOs usually involve the participation of token owners. With this, you would be able to carry investors along and keep them updated on what your company is doing. This will build their confidence in your company and you will earn their support in return. To get more to participate actively, you could release bounty airdrops. Airdrops are tokens that are given out freely to people in exchange for some little social media tasks. You might want to incorporate that too since its trending and useful as the airdrop campaign of Boliecoins has shown. iii. Also, in addition to raising funds through an ICO, you can add one of the traditional fundraising mechanisms to raise more money. Think of a possible venture capital stake to shore up your funding. The Boliecoin ICO is currently on and you have a chance to be a proud owner of the video streaming P2P gaming platform. Each Boliecoin is up for sale at $0.50, and you can go to the link here:
  4. The CEO of Boliecoins’ was on the set of “Exploring The Block “over the weekend and the very first episode was filmed with lots of insights awaiting viewers. The first episode will air on September 29, 2018. “Exploring The Block” is broadcast on FOX Business Network, ION TV as well as Bloomberg TV. Viewers are able to see respected Blockchain entrepreneurs, researchers and leading names on the set. There are multi-part series that viewers can look forward to on the program as the presenters and crew take the blockchain into our living rooms. Exploring viewers will be able to follow the progress made so far by BoliesTV as the CEO, C.L Curtis talks about what he is doing to redefine PVP video gaming on the blockchain. There is no doubt that the BoliesTV blockchain frontier is as intriguing as it is a departure from what the world knows presently about video gaming. You will have the privilege to hear C.L Curtis in his own words as he explains his business concept. Boliecoins is the default currency on BoliesTV and the crowdsale is presently on at a price of $0.50 per coin. You have a chance to own a stake of BoliesTV during the crowdsale. Do not miss out! Website : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Reddit : Tumblr : Telegram : Quora : ANN thread : Youtube :
  5. Joyce Coleman has joined the board of Boliecoins as a Operations Strategy Consultan. She joins the team at an auspicious time with all hands on deck to position BoliesTV as the premier peer-to-peer global video streaming blockchain platform. Coleman is a notable speaker, community activist, author, and management consultant. She is noted for her dedication to customer-focused enterprises as well as contributions to operational effectiveness and efficiency. She is also an advocate for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. As a previous winner of the JD Powers Award, her work in the airlines industry in the area of customer service remains a reference point. She was the first female corporate officer of African-American descent in any American airline. Since leaving the aviation industry, Coleman has directed her attention to developing best practices in customer relations, operational methodologies, and personal branding. She is bringing her wealth of experience into the development of the BoliesTV brand. Website : Telegram : ANN thread : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Reddit : Youtube : Quora : Tumblr :
  6. BoliesTV has continued its push to expand the frontiers of video gaming by signing on notable Pro athletes. After signing on Rashard (Hollywood) Higgins, it is now confirmed that the brand has also received the endorsement of the Cleveland Browns Wide receiver coach, Adam Henry. Adam Henry is a veteran in the world of football having worked in that capacity for the past 21 years. He served as a wide receiver coach at college level for 13 years before progressing to the NFL, where he has put in the last 8 years. Adam Henry’s career highlights include his stay at Louisiana State University, where he took charge for the 3 seasons to 2014. He moved to San Francisco in 2015, and he tutored Anquan Boldin, who had four touchdowns that season as well as 69 catches in a total of 789 yards. There are qualities in a wide receiver that an investor must come to grasps with to make a difference. According to the leading names in pro football, a wide receiver can only be successful when he combines body control, physical traits as well as agility in the field of play. The ability to evade a bumping defender is crucial to scoring a touchdown. A touchdown gives you a try, and with a try you score more points. As Boliecoins moves on to the ICO stage which begins on August 31, 2018, you should emulate the on-field offensive of a wide receiver and secure your share of the ICO at $0.50 per Boliecoin. Website: Telegram: ANN thread: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit: Youtube: Quora: Tumblr:
  7. ANNOUNCEMENT ICO WILL START IN AUGUST 31, 2018 and BOLIECOINS WILL BE SOLD @ .50 cents USD W WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET THE BOLIECOINS AT .10 cents in USD T GRAB THE CHANCE TO BUY IT FOR AS LOW AS .10 USD Bonus matrix in participating 500 USD to 1000 USD = 1% Extra Tokens 1000 USD to 2000 USD = 2% Extra Tokens 2000 USD to 5000 USD = 3% Extra Tokens 5000 USD to 20000 USD = 4% Extra Tokens Follow these steps to participate: 1. Go through this Link 2. Fill out all blanks and register. 3. Verify your email. 4. Login your credentials and buy tokens. Website : Telegram : ANN thread : Facebook : https: // Twitter : Instagram : To Reddit : https: //www.reddit . com / user / boliesTV Youtube : Quora: Tumblr: https : //
  8. Website | Whitepaper | MVP | Telegram | Twitter JOIN OUR AIRDROP!! Website | Whitepaper | MVP | Telegram | Twitter