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  1. 1. Content Creators Accepting new Content Creators The amount of incentive Euncoins distributed to content creators is based on their social impact and how early someone becomes an adopter of Euncoin. This will be attributed using the number of subscribers or followers depending on the platform they are applying from. For every 100 subscribers or followers they have at the time of registration, they will receive 1 EUN (in other words, the amount of EUN equals to 1% of subscribers or followers. At the time of the launch, and until the value of Euncoin is determined by the market on coin exchanges, the value of Euncoin for reward distribution purpose is set at 0.01 USD per coin. Illustration of EUN amounts received by a YouTuber upon initial registration with As an example, assuming this Youtuber has 6 million subscribers and participate at Phase 4 (following Distribution table below), the incentive EUN amount he will receive is: 6,000,000 subscribers x 1% x 170% = 102,000 EUN (Distribution value : 102,000 coins x 0.01 USD = 1,020 USD) It should be noted that this number will diminish over time. Early adopters will receive more incentive coins than those registering in later phases since the percentage of coins to be distributed gradually reduces to reward early adopters. Using the same example in conjunction with the table below; Phase 1 adopters with 6,000,000 subscribers would receive 120,000 incentive coins, while someone registering at Phase 17 would receive only 24,000 incentive coins. Once all the 5,100,000,000 incentive coins assigned to content creators are exhausted, content creators will still be able to register an account and promote Euncoin, and their donors will still be able to receive coins as rewards for their donations. However, content creators would no longer receive incentive coins for themselves. Registering and receiving their Initial Coins? - Content creators need to register on and provide the necessary information about their channel, donor structure and API key (in the case of Patreon, for example) to allow the Euncoin distribution system to know how many coins are to be distributed to their donors and at which phase. - Content creators also need to register Euncoin wallets on - Subsequently, they need to promote Euncoin on their social media platforms, through a custom announcement at the end of their videos, or through a series of messages on their blogs, pages, or groups. - Once the content creators have completed the steps above, they are ready to receive Euncoin in their wallets. Euncoin will be distributed to them as soon as at least 10 % of the initial donors have registered a wallet on and received their first deposits of coins through the distribution system, no matter how big the donation amounts are. A quick example would be the number of Patrons a YouTuber would have on his Patreon account, a Youtuber with 500 Patrons would only need to get 50 Patrons to sign up at and make a donation of any size, once these 50 Patrons receive their Euncoin through Euncoin distribution system, the incentive coins will be deposited in the corresponding content creators’ wallets. 2. Donors Receiving coins for donations After registering an account and a wallet at, donors will be able to link their donation account from Patreon or another supported platform to start receiving Euncoin. As money is donated to content creators, Euncoins will be distributed to the donors. The common point of reference between the Euncoin wallet and third-party donation engines like Patreon is an email address. It is used by the Coin Distribution Application to determine how many coins to be distributed based on the donation given. The initial value of an Euncoin is set at 0.01 USD. It will remain at that set value until the coin is listed on an exchange. Once a value is established by the market demand and supply on coin exchanges, the coin distribution will follow that market value from then on. As the coin increases in value, less amount of coins will be distributed for each donated amount. There is no limit on how high the value of coin could be. On the down side, however, the coin value used for distribution purpose will never be lower than 0.01 USD. As the list of donors is obtained from the content creator’s API, all donors need to do is to register a wallet and the distribution system will do the rest. If the donors don’t have a wallet, the transactions cannot happen, and no coins will be distributed to these donors. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Plus Google: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: Pinterest:
  2. What is Euncoin? Euncoin is a new revolution in decentralized digital currency. The coin is based on Litecoin with certain modifications, but generally it’s the same thing. It’s still a decentralized cryptocurrency. Still, there’ll be a certain mining component to it in order to be able to keep the ledger going. The name of the coin “Eun” is originated from Sino-Korean 恩 (eun) meaning “kindness, mercy, charity” or 銀 (eun) meaning “silver, money”, as well as other hanja characters which are pronounced in the same way. It usually occurs in combination with another character, though it is sometimes used as a stand-alone name. At the heart of the Euncoin concept is the desire to help people achieve their dreams by allowing them to pursue their passion in this brave new world without worrying about their financial needs. Euncoins can be used for any purpose just like any other cryptocurrency. Donors and content creators alike can use the coins to purchase goods or avail of services as soon as they receive them, or trade it in cryptocurrency exchange sites such as HitBTC. What is an Euncoin Wallet? Euncoin wallet is a software program which is securely stored in your computer, tablet, phone, laptop or in any other devices where you have downloaded it. This wallet is primarily used for your transactions. Whenever you donate a certain amount of money to participating Internet Content Creators, you get coins which you can further donate or trade for any goods or with other cryptocurrency sites. These coins are stored in your Euncoin wallet. To send and receive money and completing transactions in Euncoin network, the Euncoin wallet is used. Who is Involved in Euncoin? Donors, Youtubers, Internet Content Creators, persons who want to share skills to earn coins, creators’ partners (specially friends or creator’s known persons who inspired and helped them to complete the Euncoin system) are involved in Euncoin as they all collectively have the control over all the coins. What is the Blockchain? A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. It allows the market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping. It solves the double spending problem without the need of a trusted authority or central server. Why was Euncoin Created? EunCoin is created to allow people to benefit from cryptocurrency while they pursue their passion and cultivate their creativity. Euncoin will allow creators to give something back to their donors for their contributions in the form of tradeable digital tokens, which can be used as a currency. This will entice the viewers to donate more in exchange for coins. The more money that donors spend on funding content creators, the more coins they receive. In turn, the content creators get to increase their revenues directly and give them more time and money to do what they enjoy doing. An additional unique purpose behind Euncoin is to promote the use and sharing of information and creation of Internet content, which is now an integral part of our daily life. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Plus Google: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: Pinterest:
  3. EUNCOIN – DONATE TO RECEIVE The more you give to your favorite Content Creators. The more Euncoin you will receive, matching your donations. The more you help Euncoin, more coins you will receive for your contribution. YOUTUBERS – CONTENT CREATORS Content creators on YouTube today are seeing their revenues reduce, and for some – completely vanish. This is due to the lack of advertisers. YouTube Red, is a paid subscription which allows users to pay YouTube directly to have ad-free feeds, recently had a massive change in policies which favor channels releasing a few videos a day instead of people that are making time-consuming animated videos and/or well-researched documentaries. Many YouTubers have already pleaded their cases with their subscribers and ask, most reluctantly, for donations or announce in no uncertain terms, that they would have to stop making videos altogether. Euncoin will allow YouTubers to return something of tangible value to their donors and in turn, their donors will be able to use the coins to buy goods, trade Euncoin for other currencies or even use them to further help Content Creators. DONORS AND PATRONS Until Euncoin, donors, patrons and their contributions to YouTubers and other Content Creators were only made to support the content they were getting in return. Generosity is great, and so is returning the favor. Now Content Creators have a mean to do it and donors will receive equally what they give. Also, it is giving donors an easy way to get coins and start their journey into the world of cryptocurrency. BLOGGERS AND PODCASTERS Like YouTube videos; researching subjects for blog and podcasts can be time-consuming. And just like videos, the revenues generated by these communication channels can return little or no money at all. Euncoin can help writers and hosts to pursue their dreams part-time or full-time by allowing them to offer coins to their faithful audience in exchange for their financial contributions. CODERS AND GAME DESIGNERS In the emerging Virtual Reality (VR) industry, most games and applications are created, tested and maintained by individuals and volunteers. The success of cryptocurrency is well known in the tech world. Receiving Euncoins for beta testing, developing or financing new software and games will really be a game changer in that space, no pun intended. Website: Google: