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  1. There are over a thousand active cryptocurrencies and over a thousand of dead ones. As much as a coin can end up bigtime it can also end up dead. So how would you invest? Basically, invest only on what you can afford to lose and don’t expect much about the coin you invested into. Well, you’ll be in a serious kind of luck when your coin becomes the next Bitcoin. If not? Look for another one. Of course, there are options; Like Euncoin for example which you can accumulate without having to pay for them or earn them by donation to campaigns and content creators they support.
  2. What is Euncoin mining?Mining is the process to add information to the Euncoin blockchain. In cryptocurrency, mining is the validation of all the transactions that have been made. Mining keeps the transactions secure and protects the users from reversed transactions. Instead of having a central authority to take over control and security, this part of Euncoin is on the miners. Miners have to put all the transactions into the Euncoin block to fill up the blockchain. For each block created, miners are rewarded accordingly. Euncoin mining is done using specialized hardware and a computer. The sole purpose is to secure the network through verifying all the transactions and new coins are paid as a reward. There is, however, a concern with regard to traditional mining: It utilizes a tremendous amount of energy, which affects the environment in the long run. Euncoin remains out of this problematic zone by keeping mining to a minimum in order to minimize the effect on the environment and save energy without sacrificing the security and integrity of the transactions. Miners are rewarded with Euncoin as it takes cost and effort to mine. How does mining help secure Euncoin?Mining secures the network through verifying transactions and adding them into the blockchain. Mining checks out reversed transactions, so that it cannot be placed, as mining is very competitive to complete a blockchain with all certain transactions. It does not let any individual party get the power to block certain transactions and create their own blockchain. Mining protects the neutrality and keeps the network secure. Network security is ensured by verifying and evaluating all the transactions and adding them into each block and making a blockchain, all the procurements are done in order to prevent manipulation and reversed transactions along with false blockchains.Euncoin WalletEuncoin wallets are used to hold the coins to be able to participate in transactions. Here, the coin flow is everything. People can donate, earn, and spend coins; everything is coin flow like cash flow in business. To keep track of these coins and keep the proof of transactions and balance, a wallet is used. The first thing to do to be a part of the Euncoin network is to register and download the wallet.Website: https://euncoin.comFacebook:
  3. Why do Euncoins have valueEuncoin has value as we put a value on it. Euncoin is useful and can be used as a form of money. Euncoin has Durability, Portability, Scarcity, Divisibility, Recognizability, Liquidity etc. which are also the characteristics of money based on the properties of mathematics. The reason for not relying on physical properties like gold and silver or trust in central authorities like fiat currencies is their vulnerability and volatility. Based on mathematics, it’s backed with it. Including attributes, the thing which is required for a form of money to hold value is trust and its adoption. In the case of Euncoin, this value can be measured by its growing number of users, merchants, and startups. Like the other currencies, Euncoin’s value comes up directly from the person willing to accept it as payment.Is Euncoin a Ponzi SchemePonzi schemes are designed to collapse at the expense of the last investors when there are no new participants. A Ponzi is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money, or the money paid by subsequent investors, instead of from profit earn by the individuals running the business. Euncoin is a free software project which actually has no central authority who might have the control over it. As a result, nobody can make fraudulent representations about investment returns. So, like the other major currencies, it has no guaranteed purchasing power. The exchange rate floats freely. That is why there is volatility. Because of this volatility, people make money or lose money unpredictably. This sets Euncoins apart from the traditional fiat currencies. Doesn't Euncoin unfairly benefit early adopters?Yes, like other cryptocurrencies, Euncoin benefits its early adopters. Currently, each Euncoin attributes to 1 penny and in the near future when people will start using it more widely, a simple Euncoin will stand for 1 dollar or more than that, then the early adopters will get some beneficiary as the risk is bigger for them. Investing in a new and unproven technology and trusting on its security is harder for people. A lot of early adopters can’t make again with the coins as they run out of patience and sell them before it becomes valuable or bought a tiny amount of coins and don’t get a profit. There is no ensuring that the price of Euncoin will increase or decrease by a specific margin. This is like investing on an early startup that might result in gaining through its usefulness and popularity or end up in losing. The vision is to make people involved in this community pretty faster. Early users are taking a risk by investing in a new project. They are putting their trust and, with the help of the community that they are supporting, more people will be aware of the uses of the coin and this will gain value over time.Won't the finite amount of Euncoins be a limitation?There will be a total of forty billion coins created. Thirty billion coins are to be distributed, which is a finite number. Thus, there is a limitation of the finite number in one sense but, in the other, the price of the coin will increase, which is an advantage. The total amount of coin created for the Euncoin network is bigger than any other network, so, the limitation for the finite amount is fewer than other networks. When all the coins have been distributed, , there will not be any coin left to give to the donors. When this time has come to pass,, there is a plan by which users can opt to spend their coins directly as an alternate form of fiat currency.Won't Euncoin fall into a deflationary spiral?A deflationary spiral is an event wherein the price falls or is expected to fall, and users move their assets to future purchases in order to benefit themselves from the deflation. At the same time, merchants have to lower the price as well in order to stimulate demand. At this point, problems get worse and it leads to an economic disaster which is known as a deflationary spiral. There are some reasons why Euncoin stands avoiding this situation. – Euncoin is designed to increase in value. Euncoin’s accessibility will be worldwide so that people all over the world can use it. As the accessibility increases, more people will get and use the coin, which leads to stability. When the community is stabilized, there no reasons that it falls into a deflationary spiral. Besides, it happens when a huge amount of coins are lost or destroyed which only happens by losing the wallet. At this point, Euncoin wallets are hard to be lost. There is a password recovery system which protects wallets from being lost. Finally, when the coins have accessibility worldwide, having no blocking acquiring stability along with security, there are no chances or reasons that they would fall into a deflationary spiral.Isn't speculation and volatility a problem for Euncoin?Speculation means varying the price very fast with no stability which is a problem, and users like to avoid the risky situations. Euncoin is designed to increase in value along with stability. When the value of the coin is increased, donors will get fewer coins for each dollar they donate which will bring stability protecting users beneficiary. It doesn’t change in value unexpectedly rapid. It does increase in value but with stability. Its nature also as a cryptocurrency guarantees that there will be some ups and downs with the coin’s value. To remove this situation, a lot of users have to use it and, with worldwide easy accessibility, it’s possible to bring the coin toa stabilized point where it can fully avoid speculation, unlike other currencies. To make a big economic zone and instant access to business takes time and that is what the vision is. With increasing facilities and the coin’s spending ability, users chose to use the Euncoin and that is how the speculation and vitality problem is avoided.What if someone bought up all the existing Euncoins?Well, this is actually impossible. If anyone has to buy all the coins he has to invest forty billion dollars. Investing such amount of money on a new cryptocurrency is impossible for someone and no one surely wills to take the huge risks. Because when somebody buys all the coins, the coins will crash. The vision of cryptocurrency is to increase and decrease the value of the coin by trading, using and spending them. Buying them all will stop these process, so, no chance to make a profit from the coin or, if anyone tries to buy all the coins by manipulating, it will result in no place to sell them which is loose. So, no one intends to take the huge risk on a new crypto currency and that’s why it is impossible for anyone to buy all the Euncoin.What if someone creates a better digital currency?If anyone creates a better digital currency then people will definitely invest in them. However, it is possible to make a certain modification to overcome and make Euncoin as useful as them. To compete with other cryptocurrency existingin the market, a lot of modifications and upgrades have been done and, in the future, it will continue to provide the same facility that another digital currency gives along with some extra facilities.Website: https://euncoin.comFacebook:
  4. Many YouTubers and other content creators are currently losing revenues due to changes in advertising policies and various other reasons. Seeing great content producers struggle to maintain their channels, asking for more donations from viewers, gradually reducing the number of videos produced, or closing their channels entirely to do something else, a solution was sought for to boost their income and keep up the creative work to benefit the Internet community. The most popular way to generate income for content creators nowadays is via crowdfunding and microdonations directly from viewers and subscribers. However, relying solely on viewers’ generosity and donations may not be sufficient. Euncoin (EUN) is the cryptocurrency created in this context. Giving something back to these donors, providing them with an incentive to encourage donations to support authors and creators, and at the same time creating an entire economy that will support the community was the idea behind Euncoin. Like any other cryptocurrency, Euncoin is used as a medium of exchange using blockchain technology. However, it is the only currency that is also designed to promote donations to content creators and stir the economic growth for the community. Euncoin allows content creators who could be entrepreneurs, artists, programmers or anyone to return something tangible to their donors. By distributing coins to donors that contribute to content creators online via secure platforms based on pre-defined algorithms, Euncoin allows people to get convenient access to obtain a cryptocurrency without the need for mining or other costly methods. All the donors need to do to receive Euncoins is to register an account, a wallet and continue donating to their favourite content creators. As they do so, they will receive Euncoins for each amount of money they give. By registering on as Content Creators Content creators on YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and other media platforms will get an initial load of coins (called incentive coins) for registering an account on Euncoin.comand promoting it to their subscribers. A total of 5,100,000,000 incentive coins will be distributed to the content creators at a progressively decreasing rate, to reward early adopters. Content creators can then use these coins as they see fit: sell or trade coin on exchanges, buy anything they need, or simply hold on for appreciation in future. An amount of Euncoins will be distributed as rewards to their donors and will come from a separate vault. The coins used for donor rewards will not impact the incentive coins given to content creators. What content creators need to do is to register an account, fill a form with their channel’s address, register a wallet, connect their donation system (Patreon or others) to our distribution system, promote Euncoin on their channel(s) and social media sites, and encourage their donors to contribute. The more they spread the word, the more donations they will get, and more Euncoin will be given as rewards to their donors. By registering on as donors After registering an account on, donors will get Euncoins after they donate money to content creators. The more donors give, the more Euncoins they will earn. Donors will be able to use their coins to buy anything that can be bought by most coins, trade them on exchanges for other coins, or for fiat currencies like USD or EUR. At the moment of the launch, the initial value of Euncoin for the distribution purpose is set at 0.01 USD and won’t never be less than that amount. This value is applied until the coin price as decided by the market exceeds that amount. When the value of Euncoin increases over 0.01 USD, the distribution system will be adjusted accordingly. Example: At the time of the launch, 100 EUN will be given for each 1.00 USD donated to content creators. If the value of Euncoin increases to 0.20 USD, 5 coins will be given for each 1.00 USD donated. By purchasing Euncoin directly from The Euncoin Project was developed and financed completely by the project team and early investors. This is primarily due to the nature of the coin; a charity coin that is completely premined to lessen the impact on the environment, and with a maximum number of coins available for the content creators and the donor’s community. However, the project still needs help with marketing, servers and equipment to help with the distribution of the coins and on-going work to improve the speed and security of transactions, miners to help with the Proof-of-Work, and resources to implement the subsequent phases of the project. The proceeds from coin sales will be used for these purposes. Euncoins can be purchased directly at Unlike the Euncoins used for distribution purpose, the initial value of Euncoin for sale is set at 0,001 USD and will increase to 0,01 USD in ten phases, to reward early investors. Only 2,250,000,000 EUN are available for purchase. The schedule for sale prices and EUN amounts for sale is listed in the chart below. 225 million EUN is sold at 0.001 USD per coin. Once sold out, the next 225 million EUN is sold at 0.002 USD per coin, and so on. No more coins will ever be offered for sale from the Euncoin vault other than these 2.25 billion EUN. More info about Euncoin, Visit mention pages below: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Plus Google: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: Pinterest:
  5. How much will the transaction fee be? At present, there is no transaction fee for the Euncoin Network. This is an advantage over other digital currencies. In other cryptocurrencies, it takes an amount to complete a transaction. A free transaction takes a long period. In Euncoin, every transaction that you make is totally free. There is a possibility of having a transaction fee in the future, albeit it would only happen if it were to benefit Internet Content Creators directly. What if I receive a Euncoin when my computer is powered off? It doesn’t matter whether your computer is powered off or not. The Euncoin you receive will be added to your wallet and it is totally irrelevant to your computer’s current status. All it takes to complete transactions is your wallet. Mining actually keeps the computer open and, as soon as you receive the coin, mining will automatically generate the coin into your wallet. Coin transactions are generally unaffected regardless if either your device is turned off or on. What does “synchronizing” mean and why does it take so long? Synchronization is a process to download and verify all the previous Euncoin transactions on the network. There are several reasons that synchronization takes time: It takes time to make new transactions as it requires all the previous transactions to verify. – The mathematical formula takes time to go through security and get into the ledger. – The sheer size of the blockchain also determines the time of synchronization. The longer the blockchain is, the more blocks it has. So, to verify transactions in every block, it will take some time. With a minimally sized blockchain, synchronization takes a little time. – Verifying each block and each transactions in the block takes a while. – It sometimes depends on your bandwidth. With fully utilized bandwidth it will take less time to be synchronized. Full node clients like Euncoin core is required a comparatively lengthy synchronization but other lightweight clients don’t require a lengthy process but a shot time. Therefore, this problem is not for all the clients and users. Euncoin is a bit faster in this scene. Unlike in other networks, Euncoin has the minimal size of the blockchain and less block than the others. So, synchronization in Euncoim will take less time than the other networks. How can I widthraw money from Euncoin There are two ways to withdraw your Euncoin or use them- A credit card will be made for the donors which will be sent to them physically. It might take a while if no distributions are at your local area. Once you have your credit card, it can be used instantly to convert money into coins and coins into US dollar. How long does it take to withdraw money from Euncoin? Withdrawing money from the Euncoin network will usually take 24 to 48 hours.. The office hours make the delay as there is no office hour for withdrawing request. When the request is made on the weekends, it might take more than a day to withdraw money as all the processes need to be done manually. Website: Google:
  6. 1. Content Creators Accepting new Content Creators The amount of incentive Euncoins distributed to content creators is based on their social impact and how early someone becomes an adopter of Euncoin. This will be attributed using the number of subscribers or followers depending on the platform they are applying from. For every 100 subscribers or followers they have at the time of registration, they will receive 1 EUN (in other words, the amount of EUN equals to 1% of subscribers or followers. At the time of the launch, and until the value of Euncoin is determined by the market on coin exchanges, the value of Euncoin for reward distribution purpose is set at 0.01 USD per coin. Illustration of EUN amounts received by a YouTuber upon initial registration with As an example, assuming this Youtuber has 6 million subscribers and participate at Phase 4 (following Distribution table below), the incentive EUN amount he will receive is: 6,000,000 subscribers x 1% x 170% = 102,000 EUN (Distribution value : 102,000 coins x 0.01 USD = 1,020 USD) It should be noted that this number will diminish over time. Early adopters will receive more incentive coins than those registering in later phases since the percentage of coins to be distributed gradually reduces to reward early adopters. Using the same example in conjunction with the table below; Phase 1 adopters with 6,000,000 subscribers would receive 120,000 incentive coins, while someone registering at Phase 17 would receive only 24,000 incentive coins. Once all the 5,100,000,000 incentive coins assigned to content creators are exhausted, content creators will still be able to register an account and promote Euncoin, and their donors will still be able to receive coins as rewards for their donations. However, content creators would no longer receive incentive coins for themselves. Registering and receiving their Initial Coins? - Content creators need to register on and provide the necessary information about their channel, donor structure and API key (in the case of Patreon, for example) to allow the Euncoin distribution system to know how many coins are to be distributed to their donors and at which phase. - Content creators also need to register Euncoin wallets on - Subsequently, they need to promote Euncoin on their social media platforms, through a custom announcement at the end of their videos, or through a series of messages on their blogs, pages, or groups. - Once the content creators have completed the steps above, they are ready to receive Euncoin in their wallets. Euncoin will be distributed to them as soon as at least 10 % of the initial donors have registered a wallet on and received their first deposits of coins through the distribution system, no matter how big the donation amounts are. A quick example would be the number of Patrons a YouTuber would have on his Patreon account, a Youtuber with 500 Patrons would only need to get 50 Patrons to sign up at and make a donation of any size, once these 50 Patrons receive their Euncoin through Euncoin distribution system, the incentive coins will be deposited in the corresponding content creators’ wallets. 2. Donors Receiving coins for donations After registering an account and a wallet at, donors will be able to link their donation account from Patreon or another supported platform to start receiving Euncoin. As money is donated to content creators, Euncoins will be distributed to the donors. The common point of reference between the Euncoin wallet and third-party donation engines like Patreon is an email address. It is used by the Coin Distribution Application to determine how many coins to be distributed based on the donation given. The initial value of an Euncoin is set at 0.01 USD. It will remain at that set value until the coin is listed on an exchange. Once a value is established by the market demand and supply on coin exchanges, the coin distribution will follow that market value from then on. As the coin increases in value, less amount of coins will be distributed for each donated amount. There is no limit on how high the value of coin could be. On the down side, however, the coin value used for distribution purpose will never be lower than 0.01 USD. As the list of donors is obtained from the content creator’s API, all donors need to do is to register a wallet and the distribution system will do the rest. If the donors don’t have a wallet, the transactions cannot happen, and no coins will be distributed to these donors. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Plus Google: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: Pinterest:
  7. What is Euncoin? Euncoin is a new revolution in decentralized digital currency. The coin is based on Litecoin with certain modifications, but generally it’s the same thing. It’s still a decentralized cryptocurrency. Still, there’ll be a certain mining component to it in order to be able to keep the ledger going. The name of the coin “Eun” is originated from Sino-Korean 恩 (eun) meaning “kindness, mercy, charity” or 銀 (eun) meaning “silver, money”, as well as other hanja characters which are pronounced in the same way. It usually occurs in combination with another character, though it is sometimes used as a stand-alone name. At the heart of the Euncoin concept is the desire to help people achieve their dreams by allowing them to pursue their passion in this brave new world without worrying about their financial needs. Euncoins can be used for any purpose just like any other cryptocurrency. Donors and content creators alike can use the coins to purchase goods or avail of services as soon as they receive them, or trade it in cryptocurrency exchange sites such as HitBTC. What is an Euncoin Wallet? Euncoin wallet is a software program which is securely stored in your computer, tablet, phone, laptop or in any other devices where you have downloaded it. This wallet is primarily used for your transactions. Whenever you donate a certain amount of money to participating Internet Content Creators, you get coins which you can further donate or trade for any goods or with other cryptocurrency sites. These coins are stored in your Euncoin wallet. To send and receive money and completing transactions in Euncoin network, the Euncoin wallet is used. Who is Involved in Euncoin? Donors, Youtubers, Internet Content Creators, persons who want to share skills to earn coins, creators’ partners (specially friends or creator’s known persons who inspired and helped them to complete the Euncoin system) are involved in Euncoin as they all collectively have the control over all the coins. What is the Blockchain? A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. It allows the market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping. It solves the double spending problem without the need of a trusted authority or central server. Why was Euncoin Created? EunCoin is created to allow people to benefit from cryptocurrency while they pursue their passion and cultivate their creativity. Euncoin will allow creators to give something back to their donors for their contributions in the form of tradeable digital tokens, which can be used as a currency. This will entice the viewers to donate more in exchange for coins. The more money that donors spend on funding content creators, the more coins they receive. In turn, the content creators get to increase their revenues directly and give them more time and money to do what they enjoy doing. An additional unique purpose behind Euncoin is to promote the use and sharing of information and creation of Internet content, which is now an integral part of our daily life. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Plus Google: LinkedIn: YouTube: Instagram: Pinterest:
  8. EUNCOIN – DONATE TO RECEIVE The more you give to your favorite Content Creators. The more Euncoin you will receive, matching your donations. The more you help Euncoin, more coins you will receive for your contribution. YOUTUBERS – CONTENT CREATORS Content creators on YouTube today are seeing their revenues reduce, and for some – completely vanish. This is due to the lack of advertisers. YouTube Red, is a paid subscription which allows users to pay YouTube directly to have ad-free feeds, recently had a massive change in policies which favor channels releasing a few videos a day instead of people that are making time-consuming animated videos and/or well-researched documentaries. Many YouTubers have already pleaded their cases with their subscribers and ask, most reluctantly, for donations or announce in no uncertain terms, that they would have to stop making videos altogether. Euncoin will allow YouTubers to return something of tangible value to their donors and in turn, their donors will be able to use the coins to buy goods, trade Euncoin for other currencies or even use them to further help Content Creators. DONORS AND PATRONS Until Euncoin, donors, patrons and their contributions to YouTubers and other Content Creators were only made to support the content they were getting in return. Generosity is great, and so is returning the favor. Now Content Creators have a mean to do it and donors will receive equally what they give. Also, it is giving donors an easy way to get coins and start their journey into the world of cryptocurrency. BLOGGERS AND PODCASTERS Like YouTube videos; researching subjects for blog and podcasts can be time-consuming. And just like videos, the revenues generated by these communication channels can return little or no money at all. Euncoin can help writers and hosts to pursue their dreams part-time or full-time by allowing them to offer coins to their faithful audience in exchange for their financial contributions. CODERS AND GAME DESIGNERS In the emerging Virtual Reality (VR) industry, most games and applications are created, tested and maintained by individuals and volunteers. The success of cryptocurrency is well known in the tech world. Receiving Euncoins for beta testing, developing or financing new software and games will really be a game changer in that space, no pun intended. Website: Google: