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Cannot see external task from other projects in Team planner

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I've set up several colleagues with PWA and the desktop client have have notice something puzzling.

Everyone with the exception of one individual cannot see the external tasks from other projects in the team planner on his work PC. The only information that showed up was the non-working time and the tasks for that project.

I told him to install PWA and the client on his home PC and he was then able to see the external project tasks in team planner.

I am wondering if there is a possibility that this could be something related to this individuals work PC, perhaps a Microsoft update or .NET update. He has everything installed as 32bit (office 365 is up to date). Other than reformatting his PC and starting again to see if this fixes the issue and I have no other idea of what to do.

Wondering if anybody else has come across this problem?

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