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Divergence Pip Range Trading

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Hi all,

My first foray into posting a new topic. I've been using piprange charts for 7 years and via the contributions of @Rockypoint using the Ichimoku indicator, I've been able to combine my use of divergence and Ichimoku.

I thought I'd share some examples and try and generate some discussion on the much neglected method of using pip range charts. To me they provide a much clearer picture of the market and provide a different perspective on charting. I am very much a technical trader and firm believer that patterns repeat themselves. Hopefully this will be evidenced by examples posted.

A few things to note:



  1. I will not be posting EAs, indicators etc. There are dozens of EAs designed for MT4 to construct offline charts to create pip range charts.
  2. I am not interested in an EA being developed, I much prefer manual trading.
  3. Please take the effort of researching an answer before asking a question, should you not find it, feel free to ask.


I use a 5 pip range chart, I avoid any CHF pairs and JPY pairs for the simple reason I do not want to be in a trade when they manipulate the market. What the SNB did with the Franc and the Euro was absolutely ridiculous. My main pairs are GBPAUD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURAUD. I am a firm believer in mastering a few pairs rather than trying to trade too many pairs. I do not trade positively correlated pairs at the same time....to do so is to simply double your risk on the same outcome.


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