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Currency exchange and Indian rupees

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         Should I exchange currency and get rupees before arriving in India (Hyderabad), withdraw cash at ATM at International Airport in Hyderabad or is there a better option for western tourist for a 1 week stay and first visit to India.  

I have just found some information which states that the import of Indian currency by foreigners is prohibited so that answers part of my question.




Where should I go to exchange money - bearing in mind that I am a first time visitor to India and do not know my way around? Should I just exchange at the hotel as a safe option?




What is the best denomination of currency to have - for shopping, tipping etc? Any amount of INR that I should avoid as its value is too hard to change? Thanks for any assistance.There are plenty of ATMs where you can withdraw cash but you should check beforehand that what are the charges levied by your bank for each withdrawal. You can get rupees before arriving India also but I think you will get far better prices with the money exchangers in the city (in your case Hyderabad). The money exchangers at the airport will also be expensive!!


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