BitQyck MLM Scheme Launches TradeBQ Exchange

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It has taken some time, but it appears the BitQyck shills are finally crawling out of the woodworks. The company claims to use Ethereum technology, yet there is no evidence of their tokens even existing in the first place. In fact, BitQyck draws quite a few parallels with Onecoin, albeit it has a lot less media exposure as of right now. That could quickly come to change in the future, though. However, the program is designed to make people sign up, refer new friends, and buy products offered by the company.

All of these signs point toward a clear MLM scheme. It is important to keep in mind MLM schemes are not illegal by any means, and there are people who make money from these programs. However, they are the vast minority of people who even see their original investment back. Anyone who joins BitQyck now – even though we strongly advise against doing so  – will rarely see their money back, let alone make a profit.

However, it does appear the BitQyck ecosystem is slowly starting to grow. this is a clear effort to make this entire MLM endeavor appear more legitimate. It is also where things get somewhat strange, as there is now an “official” BitQyck exchange. TradeBQ provides users an option to exchange Bitcoin for BQ and vice versa. An interesting development, even though it is clear this platform is owned and operated by the BitQyck team themselves.


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