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What are the main forex industry stats for 2017, and why are these statistics important to you as a trader? This article spells out some of the little known facts about the forex market.


What is the forex market? The forex market is not just a place where currencies are bought and sold on a daily basis. Sure it is a market for that activity, but it goes far beyond merely buying and selling currencies. The forex market is indeed a large market that brings together central banks, investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, retail traders, technology providers, statisticians, quants, software developers, analysts, just to name a few. It is therefore an entire industry which supports at least 20 different professions. This is just how large this industry is. So when talking about the forex industry statistics for 2017, it is important to know what industries within the industry, is represented in the stats that will be presented.

So what are the industry statistics for the forex market in 2017? Let’s take it from one sector in the forex industry to another


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