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n meetings with the companies producing digital cameras, printers , scanners and other equipment that is not rare to hear that buyers do not appreciate software that is included. Buyers ignore legally inherited soft and at the same time enjoy the illegal «hotoShop», «CDSee» and other applications . Manufacturers are trying to make life easier for consumers, and their efforts are not appreciated. And manually transfer data from the camera to the computer , the same sort them manually and create albums , but the ’ normal ’ Camera software does not know . Take, for example, the owner of the camera to the complaint that the pictures ’ sluggish ’, is an effective tool to demonstrate how «PIM correction module from Epson», they ask, ’ where to get it and why we were not told about it ? ’ But all lies in boxes with shopping or visit our website for free and freely. Reasons for this situation somewhat. One of them - the usual laziness , not malice buyers. Programs known for a long time and many , winning by popularity that still need to learn .

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