Hashmonster - 300GH/S Bonus for registration!

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Hashmonster - 300GH/S Bonus for registration!



Hashmonster.io is a hot topic. Why because they giveaway free 300 GH/s for promotional pre-sale periods only. It means that this offer is limited for few days. They have roadmap for ICO, market place listing in coinexchange, hitbtc and bitfinex. 


Company address is in Sweden. So, I think they are legit and not hiding anything. Their domain hoisting is linked with NameCheap, Inc for 1 year period. Registration for hoisting is many days ago, in February 1st 2018. 
Lifelong mining contract. That is great. You are not mining bitcoin only. Very soon you will have the opportunities to mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. 
They establish their hardware and equipment in February 2018. In March they update their security and user interface. They have just launched mining cryptocurrency in 8th April, 2018. They will start mining Ethereum and Ethereum Classic in May, 2018. They will launched hash monster token in June, 2018. Next month, i.e. in July they will be listed in currency exchange market. They will broaden their horizon in Alaska and Canada in September 2018. Credit card will be introduced for VISA, Mastercard, American Express in December.
Guys be ready for Ethereum Cloud Mining Pre-sale which will be held on 1st to 14th May. Post-ICO hashmonster token will be started in June 1 to 5 (5 days). ICO-sale will be available to the public in from June 5 to 30 (25 days). Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Paypal payment will be open in December 2018.
Pricings are 2 ways for bitcoin and another for Ethereum. 


For Bitcoin Sha-256, 1 GH/s equal to $0.01 USD. 
Pre-sale ends period: 1 GH/s is equal to 0.12$ USD
For Ethereum ETHASH mining is used. 
Minimum deposit is 0.0015 BTC or $10 USD. Minimum Withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC. Billing transaction will take 1-5 minutes instantly to 1 hour. Price for Hash buy or sell charge will cost $0.25 USD. No fee for deposit or withdraw.
You cannot create multiple account. Yes, you need to deposit at least 0.0015 BTC to claim withdrawal. Otherwise, you can get some referrals and they at least make 2 deposits, then you will be eligible for withdraw your balance.
Referrals are known as Bounty Program is very sweet. Affiliate commissions are calculated as direct 10% hash power bonus and 5% bonus from purchase of your referrals, plus 30$ bonus for youtube promotion and 30% for Blog/website promotion. There are four types of accounts which you can choose what best suits for you.
Novice: maximum deposit 1 BTC daily - maximum withdraw 0.5 BTC
Amateur: maximum deposit 2 - maximum withdraw 1
Master: maximum deposit 5 - maximum withdraw 5
Entrepreneur: maximum deposit 15 BTC - maximum withdraw 15 BTC.
Very strick Id verification required for email & 2FA. Valid ID, Proof of Billing Address.


Company is hiring lots of engineers, marketers, internship students.


Do you have any questions? You can contact them by social media, like Facebook, Twitter, About Hashmonster, Medium, Googlt+ and Pinterest. 


You can sign up with hope and confidence in your mind. Future is bright.


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