How to pass OpenCart 2.0.3 address to PayPal standard 2.0.3x

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I am using 2.0.3.x now, payments via PayPal standard, and I haven't been receiving shipping info on the paypal payments received after logging into paypal. PayPal shows no address OR confirmed address.
I just tried making several updates from the OpenCart forums regarding these files:
just tried placing an order, and still no address.
Since PayPal standard is a payment option in OpenCart, I would think there would be a pretty easy fix that someone has come across.
I did the updates as per these locations, the items that relate to 2.0.3
I just did a few test orders, and none of them come in with a confirmed PayPal address, and after logging into PayPal, PayPal doesn't show a confirmed address either.
The only place I have an address, is on the automatic email order confirmation I receive back from the Opencast shopping cart.
Why isn't this passing from the cart, through to PayPal???

Please help. 

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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