Boliecoins gets the Endorsement of the Famed Wide Receiver Coach, Adam Henry

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BoliesTV has continued its push to expand the frontiers of video gaming by signing on notable Pro athletes. After signing on Rashard (Hollywood) Higgins, it is now confirmed that the brand has also received the endorsement of the Cleveland Browns Wide receiver coach, Adam Henry.

Adam Henry is a veteran in the world of football having worked in that capacity for the past 21 years. He served as a wide receiver coach at college level for 13 years before progressing to the NFL, where he has put in the last 8 years.

Adam Henry’s career highlights include his stay at Louisiana State University, where he took charge for the 3 seasons to 2014. He moved to San Francisco in 2015, and he tutored Anquan Boldin, who had four touchdowns that season as well as 69 catches in a total of 789 yards.

There are qualities in a wide receiver that an investor must come to grasps with to make a difference. According to the leading names in pro football, a wide receiver can only be successful when he combines body control, physical traits as well as agility in the field of play. The ability to evade a bumping defender is crucial to scoring a touchdown. A touchdown gives you a try, and with a try you score more points.

As Boliecoins moves on to the ICO stage which begins on August 31, 2018, you should emulate the on-field offensive of a wide receiver and secure your share of the ICO at $0.50 per Boliecoin.

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