You Can Avoid Getting Scammed During Boliecoins Crowdsale

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The prominence of ICOs has opened a new window for scammers to extort money from people. Having observed the prevailing trend, we have come up with some helpful tips to help you avoid scams.

Most of the identified scams are built around email address counterfeiting, website closing and substitution of ETH contribution address.

All of these scams and fraudulent activities are closely identified by us in this article. To avoid losing money to the scams requires you to adhere to our recommendations. We know just what to do to beat the scammers, and we are arming you with the best practices.



You can put these guidelines to use in all other ICOs of your interest.

1. Every ICO and pre-sale has a contribution address, and this will be available ONLY on the Boliecoins website(

2. Once you follow the link, you will be able to register with your email and personal details. Then, you can buy your boliecoins with ease

3. Know that there is no other link you should use apart from the one on the token sale page as shown above.

6. You must disregard any address received from any other source, and do not forward any ETH to that address.

Tips that Beat the Scams

1. On your browser, it is recommended that you bookmark the boliecoins website

2. Visit boliecoins by using the bookmark always

3. This step will help avoid mistyping our URL, and you won’t end up in a cloned website that provides a fraudulent contribution address

4. On our medium page, you can also see the link to our homepage under every post

5. We advise that you complete the bookmark now so that you don’t end up on the cloned website. Sometimes, on Google Search, there will be cloned websites showing in the search results.

6. Make sure that you don’t just arrive on a URL, always be sure to check, and use bookmarks.

Social Media posts

1. Our token sale address is not posted on social media or on community pages. Do not believe what anyone says just because they claim to be a boliecoin team member.

2. Some scammers claim to be team members on Telegram and other channels to deceive others. We are vigilant on all official channels to spot scammers and stop them in their tracks.

3. Just make sure you do not use any contribution address that you receive via PMs or emails. Any address like that is fake and must be disregarded.

4. To avoid swallowing the scammers’ bait does not require so much from you. You just need to follow the simple guidelines we have provided here

The boliecoins token sale is currently on and you can buy your boliecoin for $0.50. Now is the time to make a wise investment.

Go ahead and buy your tokens here:

Last Words

Just make sure you double-check emails and URLs as we have specified above.

We look forward to seeing you participate in our token pre-sale and ICO. We wish you a fraud-free investing experience in your future endeavors.

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