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What is Euncoin mining?
Mining is the process to add information to the Euncoin blockchain. In cryptocurrency, mining is the validation of all the transactions that have been made. Mining keeps the transactions secure and protects the users from reversed transactions. Instead of having a central authority to take over control and security, this part of Euncoin is on the miners. Miners have to put all the transactions into the Euncoin block to fill up the blockchain. For each block created, miners are rewarded accordingly. Euncoin mining is done using specialized hardware and a computer. The sole purpose is to secure the network through verifying all the transactions and new coins are paid as a reward. There is, however, a concern with regard to traditional mining: It utilizes a tremendous amount of energy, which affects the environment in the long run. Euncoin remains out of this problematic zone by keeping mining to a minimum in order to minimize the effect on the environment and save energy without sacrificing the security and integrity of the transactions. Miners are rewarded with Euncoin as it takes cost and effort to mine.

How does mining help secure Euncoin?
Mining secures the network through verifying transactions and adding them into the blockchain. Mining checks out reversed transactions, so that it cannot be placed, as mining is very competitive to complete a blockchain with all certain transactions. It does not let any individual party get the power to block certain transactions and create their own blockchain. Mining protects the neutrality and keeps the network secure. Network security is ensured by verifying and evaluating all the transactions and adding them into each block and making a blockchain, all the procurements are done in order to prevent manipulation and reversed transactions along with false blockchains.

Euncoin Wallet
Euncoin wallets are used to hold the coins to be able to participate in transactions. Here, the coin flow is everything. People can donate, earn, and spend coins; everything is coin flow like cash flow in business. To keep track of these coins and keep the proof of transactions and balance, a wallet is used. The first thing to do to be a part of the Euncoin network is to register and download the wallet.


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