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There is such a book, it is full of magic, when you are upset, take a look at it, it will make you happy, cheerful, and you can still read it, its name is called "Secret Garden" The story begins with a proud, self-willed girl named Mary. At first he was not a flattering little girl! Later, because her parents were taken away by a terrible plague, Mary, the lovely little girl, became an orphan. The old-fashioned Mary had no time to rely on her and had to travel to the UK to go to a strange cockroach. Deep in her heart, the mournful Clermont Manor is an ancient and mysterious place, with an ancient garden that has been locked by her, Mr. Clermont for ten years, and a small secret hidden in the room. Boy - Colin. Mary��s arrival changed everything. Through the help of a robin, she found the buried garden key and the hidden garden gate, and found the little boy, Colin, who was hidden. Cousin Marlboro Cigarettes. Mary, Colin, and a boy who loves animals, Dick has since become a good friend, and through their efforts, finally awakened the ancient garden that has been sleeping for ten years. Before I read this book, when I saw the topic, I felt mysterious. When I saw Mary��s parents being taken away by the plague, I felt a little sadness; when I saw the vast wilderness, my mood became very broad; when I saw Mary planting bulbs, butterflies and other plants When I saw that Mary was weak in the body Carton Of Cigarettes, she said that there was a lot of fresh air around the weak Colin, which made me feel refreshed; when I saw Colin in Mary, Dick When my body slowly recovered with the help of my grandfather, I silently blessed him in my heart; when I saw through their unremitting efforts, and finally awakened the ancient garden that had been sleeping for ten years, how excited and happy I was. I also deeply feel that the environment can change a person's personality Marlboro Gold, just like the protagonist Mary of this book, she was originally a girl who was held by her parents in the palm of her hand Marlboro Lights, so she has no worries, and her personality is very self-willed. I don��t know how to be considerate of my parents until she died. She discovered that it��s really hard for a person to live, so she can completely change her personality, and because there are two The company of friends Newport 100S, to make her more brave, strong in this book, I have learned: If a person want to change your life, depends on the efforts, but also rely on self-confidence
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