Overwatch is a fps that focuses on collaboration between members of a group

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Are you also part of the ranks of heroes Overwatch needed and do you need advice to start playing or to approach the title at its best? Well follow our Overwatch Boost and your entry into the battlefields will certainly be less traumatic.

The Blizzard title is certainly not difficult to understand at the beginning, but if you are new players and come from classic fps where the kill is the mainstay, you could also bring your team to defeat with wrong behaviors and since we love you, and we don't want to see you torn apart by the most experienced players, here are practical tips to get you started on your Overwatch adventure.

Overwatch is a fps that focuses on collaboration between members of a group, even the less experienced players in the targeting or positioning can find their place as a tank or support, bringing the team to victory. We do not yet know how the title community will evolve and if in the future it will be possible to play decent games even with unknown people, but surely now it is not easy. Most players tend to snub the goals until the timer is about to end and the heroes almost never used are chosen properly.

You are not playing League of Legends, in Overwatch the versatility and dynamism within a game is everything. Remember that you can change heroes at any time by entering the base and pressing a button, it's up to you to decide which character could rival the fortunes of your favor. Our advice is not to snub any character and to learn at least the basics of all of them, it is not enough to know a hero by role as even two characters belonging to the same group will surely be suitable for different situations (just think of McRee who, though coming under category he attack heroes find their natural habitat only when defending a goal)

As much as this may seem an advice that is more than obvious and necessary in every fps that respects itself, it finds in Overwatch a different meaning: in fact you won't have to know so much about the maps to know how to move towards the objective and that's it, but you will have to know them to know how move towards the goal based on the hero you are controlling. The maps of Overwatch are perhaps among the most beautiful and articulated ever seen in the fps genre, they are full of secondary roads, shortcuts, underground passages and balconies.

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