Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 Technique Bi-color Platinum Replica Watch

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Greubel Forsey DoubleBalancierÀDifférentielConstantWatch-Hands

Sometimes you have to break some rules and be able to achieve what you want. In the high Perfus double single greubel forsey watch Balancier constant Différentiel is just as it sacrifices some basic principles - like 4 between, as well as 10 points of good legibility - to help highlight some of the incredible complex and eye of mind Wateringly beautiful mechanical feat. How and why this is.

Founded in 2004, Greubel Forsey is known for creating the most amazing complex tourbillon watch ever made in the world of watches - think about the quadruple tourbillon (hands here), or $2 million in artwork 1 (hands-on) . The highly successful collaboration between Robert Grubel and Stephen Fossey for about 12 years (and a considerable amount) has proven to be long enough to allow some non-tourbillons to enter the brand's classification to lower the price at a more affordable level. While this still means that we are diving into the six-figure field, it actually allows GF to work with high-complexity works of major brands (such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet and a long list of others).

In the typical Greubel Forsey replica luxury watches fashion, this means not including traditional complex features such as permanent calendars (although they have done one of them, and it's incredible), chronographs or repeaters, but using distortion, enhancement and complexity Change timing mechanism. Greubel Forsey DoubleBalancieràDifférentielConstant suggests with its fancy name that there are not only two balance wheels, but also a spherical and constant force difference.

Let us first look at the two crazyly selected balance wheels to uncover the mystery. As they say, “If one is good, then two are better,” but this is obviously just the tip of a technical iceberg. The two balance wheels are placed on two separate escapement platforms, each of which includes 71 components. These platforms are tilted and mounted such that each platform is at an angle of 30 to the plane of the moving plate.

The reason is as follows: the performance (rate and amplitude) of the balance and spring are strongly influenced by their position. When the watchmaker adjusts the movement, he/she must find the right balance between the two. The performance of the movements in different positions varies greatly. When the watch is placed flat on the table - so the wheels and springs are also horizontal - when the watch's crown is facing down, its speed will be very different, so they are in an almost vertical position.

By mounting the balance wheels and their platforms at an angle to the motherboard and mounting each other, each balance wheel and platform takes a very limited amount of time in both horizontal and vertical positions (even when the watch is placed on a table or placed vertically) ), the differences and errors are the biggest. The inclined 30° angle acts as a constant averaging factor, and since the two balance wheels are placed at different angles, at least one of them will always be closer to ideal.

The question now is how do you convert the rate difference between the two balance wheels to mechanical timing - how do you get two timers to drive only one set of pointers? The answer is differentiation, very similar to the system in a car. To be frank, because I obviously don't understand this mechanism as deeply as its creator, please be patient with me, nevertheless, try to give you a reason why it works and why it is there. But first, take a look at this sweet old video, which beautifully shows how the differential works - dedicated 5 minutes, amazing.replica watches perfect

If you look at the close-up image above, you will find that the difference is made up of three wheels stacked together. The top and bottom ones are each connected to each of the two escapement mechanisms, and the middle one is connected to the advancing train or substantially connected to the rest of the movement. Now, because the balance wheel is culled at its own speed - ideally 3 Hz or 21,600 vibrations per hour, the deviation due to positional error - the differential, using the principle explained in the video, they will not run exactly at that Above the frequency, the average is two.

So, for example, if one escapement runs for -2 seconds per day and another escapement runs at +2, then the average value of the differential delivered to the pointer is actually 0 - or perfect timing. So what does the 0-2-3 sub-dial have to do with these? This is a four minute counter that is associated with another part of the difference...

You see, it seems that all the dazzling projects are not enough. Greubel Forsey adds a constant force mechanism to the differential. The wheels and springs on the underside of the differential can be seen by the small holes on the side of the bottom cover of the movement. This spring, it looks a bit like the hairspring of an untrained eye, responsible for releasing its energy to the differential, up to the double escapement. This is done to counteract the effects of the reduced torque provided by the two series-coupled main barrels of the movement as they approach the end of the 72 hour long power reserve. The four-minute counter we mentioned above is connected to this bottom gear of the constant force mechanism because it takes four minutes to complete a complete rotation.

Yo! With all of this in mind, let's sit down and take a deep breath and look at Greubel Forsey DoubleBalancieràDifférentielConstant from a farther place. It is here that those who are obsessed with legibility (and think that watches are watches, regardless of price or complexity, and therefore must be able to tell time effectively) will find that Greubel Forsey breaks the perfect rule legibility. There is no other way than this: half of the dial is missing, so half of the day, between 4 and 10, it is very challenging to say the time at a glance. But is this really a big deal?https://www.bestluxurysale.com

For the experience of Greubel Forsey Double BalancierÀDifférentielConstant, I tend to (look at what I did there?) Say: No. Although the long and wide hour and minute hands end with a large Super-LumiNova coated nib, the polished silver mid section will blend into the motion area, causing legibility issues. But - it's a round, rich but - after careful observation, even the most stubborn readers of easy-to-readness will find that the eye candy they get is worth every sacrifice.

After all, in addition to the sheer complexity, the superb picture quality has left Greubel Forsey with so few competitors: they know what makes traditional decoration techniques better, and their watchmaker team does. Push to the limit. A large number of black mirror-polished areas, beveled and hand-polished "Anglage" edge panels, even screw heads, polished counter-sinks, polished and beveled bridges to maintain balance wheels... all sparkle and glitter finish in hand-applied background .

Every component on the front and back is carefully decorated and decorated - there may be other needs for the movement of the watch movement, and the technical choices for different surfaces may vary, but, frankly, things don't get more Improvements All of the 285 parts of the GF04 manual winding movement are pleasing to the eye.

18k white gold engraved unfolded buckle, matched with a 43mm wide and 13.38mm thick case metal, is the top cherry. It looks and works like an over-designed lock on an old vaulted door, and it fits well on the watch's heavy but still very beautiful watch.

Obviously, the Greubel Forsey DoubleBalancieràDifférentielConstant watch has more details to check carefully - such as a gray PVD-treated motherboard, a fast-rotating barrel, or a motion or tilting gear and profile on the fourth wheel of a "hand-punched" back panel. tooth. This list is still going on, but the Greubel Forsey DoubleBalancieràDifférentielCustation shows it the moment you put it on your wrist: it shows two hundred beautiful watch components in front of you - and the two balance wheels are ticked to their own mind The speed you want to leave.greubel forsey gmt


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