Marvel Future Fight’s Newest Character Crescent Details

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Ever since 2015, Netmarble’s Marvel Future Fight has entertained fans with its 3-on-3 team-based combat and role-playing tactics. And it’s done this with a selection of over 100 characters that players have gotten use to since its release. But now things are being shaken up with the introduction of its newest character, a 10-year old by the name of Crescent.

Crescent is a 10-year old girl named Dan Bi who grew up in Korea and was raised by her single father, who has since gone missing. She fights alongside a summoned "half-moon" bear spirit named Io, who bonded with her to become her protector when she touched an ancient mystical bear mask that was found by her father, an antique dealer who was forced to collect powerful artifacts for the ancient sorceress Morgan Le Fay. Together, Crescent and Io use a combination of taekwondo, magical power absorption, super strength and other abilities in battle.

In addition to Crescent, the ancient, villainous sorceress Morgan Le Fay will bring her mystical abilities to MARVEL Future Fight, alongside Korean super-agent White Fox, who utilizes her heightened senses and animalistic combat skills in battle.Players who pre-registered for the Crescent update will also receive several bonus items, including Boost Points, Crystals, Gold and Crescent Biometrics. These bonuses were acquired by the MARVEL Future Fight player base as a reward for the total number of more than 420,000 pre-registrations logged. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy MFF Crystal from Mmocs at a reasonable price.

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