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Since increase tenth, 2018, the finches current brand is often eventually issue types and offers not to send gifts, to switch gifts, gifts can't work with, customer service, and anchor good buck-passing, the personnel on the service consumers, product good quality control through the phenomenon for instance unqualified, false delivery, featuring a straight - build "the Chinese light" brand impression from very large, its supply speed also set some Marlboro Red Cigarettes sort of "most" of the brand, public relations is the brand of the a big challenge, the brand Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping image.
In the  smoking cigarettes industry, there is no such model as baikejing-like, which specifically plays the Newport 100s Carton Cheap "national brand" sign, but there are many companies linked to China's traditional traditions and representative image regarding China, which also need notice from the brand:
First, the converter should have respect. Drawing on the image involving traditional culture in cig packaging, we should quote wherever possible, restore the history, to avoid flaws or tampering; 

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